Offsite Equipment Hire

Offsite PA Hire

Our easy set-up 1000 watt PA System package – comprising 2 speakers, 2 stands, 1 powered mixer amp, 1 power cable & 2 speaker cables is perfect for live music events, birthday celebrations, weddings and even outdoor events. If you’re looking for a music system and want to avoid the cost of a DJ then look no further and feel free to contact us today!

£50.00 per day (£100 deposit required)

Offsite Equipment Hire

PA Equipment
1 Microphone, 1 stand & 1 XLR cable – £5 per day

Drum Kit
Five piece drum kit with hardware = £40 per day
Set of Cymbals = £25 per day

Guitar amplifier = £25 per day
Bass amplifier = £30 per day